The purpose of RISE Program is to increase the interest, skills, and competitiveness of undergraduate students for careers in biomedical research. Our program offers support for student development activities, which include seminars, critical skills thinking modules, on- and off-campus research experiences, and travel to scientific meetings.

The measureable goal of the Spelman College RISE program is to increase the numbers of graduates admitted to academic graduate programs leading to a Ph.D. in the biomedical sciences.

You are eligible for support by the RISE program if you (1) are majoring a STEM dicipline or psychology, (2) intend to go on to Ph.D.-level graduate work, (3) have a grade-point-average of close to 3.0, or better, and (4) US citizen, non-citizen national or permanent resident.

As indicated before, the goal of the RISE Program is to encourage and prepare students to go on to graduate school to earn the Ph.D. degree in preparation for careers as biomedical scientists. RISE students are not encouraged to be physicians unless their ultimate goal is to have a career in medical research and pursue a MD/PHD.

Yes. But, the benefits vary between the different RISE Programs. Students participating in the Research Development Program are paid a salary of $2,000 per semester. Students participating in the START Program are paid $3600 for 6 weeks.  Student Employment Timesheet and submits it through the Student Employment database bi-weekly.

No. The financial benefits for RISE students are in the form of salary.

You do not have to conduct research at Spelman during the summer. We encourage you to explore all avenues.

You do not have to conduct research at Spelman during the academic year. We support RISE student who conduct research at various local colleges and universities.

We cannot provide financial assistance to students who conduct research off campus who may incur parking, and gas expenses.

We provide travel assistance to students who would like to attend a professional conference that is related to biomedical sciences if the student will be presenting at the conference.

The Summer Training Program is a full time program that starts from 9:00 am -5:00pm. 100% participation is required.

Summer Development students may attend summer school as long as your 40 hour a week program commitment is met and their research mentor agrees to the schedule.

No.  The housing payment during the summer will be paid based on a payment plan that coincides with the salary you earn during the summer to help avoid any undue financial hardship.