We’re in the age of digital; like it or not if you’re looking for the best way to light up your business. There’s no better technique to target your audience; in this day-&-age if you’re not marketing digitally- start right today! Want proof that digital is the way to go? Visit our blog at and read up on our stories where we’ve managed to help businesses reduce their internal advertising by 50%

Joan Lapier – NANSIGNS Testimony

Let me introduce to you our first Makitso products that we have in our lineup, if you’re interested in getting your own we sell them in our online store at or you can visit our local store in Georgia located in Gwinnett Place Mall – 2100 Pleasant Hill Road Duluth, GA 30096 right next to the Finish Line.

Our featured product in today’s post is the Makitso Blade 50″ – 4K Digital Signage Kiosk if you want to market your business you need to get one! For a quick overview of the Makitso Blade 50″ watch the video below, but for a more detailed look into the Makitso Blade 50″ keep on reading.

Specifications of Makitso Blade 50″:

  • Cost: $2,499.00
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • 4K UHD Color-Vibrant Digital Screen
  • Powerful Processor for Add-on Media Player 
  • Lockable Back Door for Media Player Access
  • Colors: Available in Black or White
  • Optic Fiber Panel Cable
  • UL Certification
  • Remote Control (Batteries not included)
  • Connections: USB/HDMI/VGA/AUX/Coax
  • Hard Shipping Case with Wheels
  • Touch Screen: (Optional) Interactive Capacitive Touch Capabilities

The Makitso Blade 50″ comes with quite an array of connections that it uses to not only display content from, but it also utilizes these connections to also add-on additional features to the sign itself like hooking up external speakers for example.

If there’s something about Makitso Blade 50″ that you believe we haven’t mention or you want even more detailed information please feel free leave a comment or reach out to us

Next in the lineup is our Makitso Concierge 21.5″ smaller, but it can also be very effective especially in smaller areas. The beauty of it all; is its your choice to choose which of our products you want to utilize!

Makitso Blade 50″ to the left – Makitso Concierge 21.5″ to the right

The Makitso Concierge 21.5″ also comes in two different colors.
Black & White.

Makitso Concierge 21.5″ – White

Specifications of Makitso Blade 21.5″:

  • Color(s): White/Black
  • 10 Point Touchscreen
  • Motion Detector
  • Remote Control
  • Built in USB camera
  • Weight: 55 lbs (25 kg)
  • Dimensions: 135 x 43 x 9 cm
  • 16000mAH Rechargeable Battery
  • Multiple Inputs including; HDMI, USB, VGA, and more…
Inside Makitso Blade 21.5

Above shows the inside of our store demo Makitso Blade 21.5 what you’re looking at is what is running the sign. High-quality PCB (Printed circuit board) fitted with a heatsink to keep things from overheating. There’s also the 16000mAH rechargeable battery that keeps the unit running for hours.


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