Most business if not all have a glass surface somewhere inside or outside the store. Allowing people to see what is inside from the outside. Imagine that piece of that glass transformed into a TV-screen- to be more precise a projection screen giving you the ability to advertise anything you can think of that can be projected on a screen. This is what S-Paint can accomplish.


S-Paint which stands for “Screen Paint” is a product used to transform your common transparent surface, such as glass into a clear protective screen.
Useful for retail stores, shopping malls, airports, trade-shows-anywhere!


● Product Name : S-paint
● Main substances : Special acrylic resin, pigment, water, etc.
● Applicable materials : Indoor windows (glass and/or other transparent surfaces)
● Manufacturer : Paintpam Inc.
● Country of Origin : Republic of Korea
● Manufacture date: See the bottom of the product
● Valid date : 6 months from manufacture with bottle top unopened

Steps to install.

The application process is fairly simply to apply and also to easily removable when the time comes leaving no residue behind. When you get an S-paint package the following comes in the package.

  • S-paint 150ml
  • Paint tray
  • Roller handle
  • Roller tip (4″)
  • Gloves
  • Masking tape

The paint can cover up yo 4.5m² for a bigger perspective thats a HDTV Screen thats a 16:9 ratio – that’s 127.75 inches or a normal screen ratio of 3:4 -which is 114.7 inches

Screen Paint in action

The photo above is a demo of the S-Paint in action! Turn your boring glass into a TV Screen where you can project attention to the people you want to target!


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